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How to Stop All Those “Liked” Pictures From Showing Up In Your Facebook News Feed

Facebook changed their News Feed algorithm (again) so that now it seems like my News Feed is all pictures from someecards and lame internet memes that friends have “Liked”. After searching around Google (with no luck) I decided to dig around and think I have found the solution.

1. Click on a FRIENDS list in the left hand column.


2. In the top left, right under your name, click the “Manage List” button. Then select  ”Choose Update Types…”


3. Click the “Manage List” button again (the dropdown should be updated) and un-check all the stuff you don’t want to see from them. In my case it’s “Games” and “Comments and Likes”.


4. Repeat this for each FRIENDS list that you have.

Now your News Feed is back to normal. You can thank me later. 

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